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tv   News 4 at 6  NBC  July 20, 2011 6:00pm-7:00pm EDT

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that is the warmest we have been so far today as far as that heat index is concerned. so a very warm at a today, but once again, it is going to get hotter the next couple days. current temperature, 97 in leesburg, 95 in culpeper, 91 in baltimore. frederick right now at 99 degrees, and annapolis, cooler there. temperature there around 89 degrees. as far as the heat index is concerned, that has gone up in a few locations. 104 in washington, 107 in culpeper. fredericksburg with a heat index of 113 degrees, incredibly warm afternoon. but once again, hotter tomorrow, that's why we have an excessive heat warning that goes into effect tomorrow and on friday tore just about everybody in our viewing area. tomorrow, 105 to 110. i think some areas could be near 115 or even higher as we move into the day late thursday and into friday. jim? >> all right. thank you, doug. well, despite the expected rising demand, utility companies in our area say they're ready to handle the heat. john schriffen continues our
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team coverage now in glendale, maryland. john? >> well, jim, good evening. if you see behind me, the kids are out here enjoying this glendale splash park, having a great time here. but authorities say with this heat, it can be very deceptive. you just heard from doug kammerer the heat index in many part of our areas is reaching triple digits, but it varies depending where you are. we put it to the test. i have this infrared laser heat sensor, you can see the surface temperature. the water tested right on 8 degrees. but check out when the kids step outside the pool. if you see this concrete surface walkway here, put it on there. right now, we're at 110 degrees just out here on this concrete. so if you've just gotten home from work, thinking about heading outside for a run, maybe play some tennis on the courts, be very careful, because the heat on the surface can be a lot hotter than you think. the temperature on the baseball score board at cabin john park
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read 103 degrees. it was so hot this afternoon in rockville, many decided to abandon the outdoor activities. this was the only tennis court in use. is it too hot to work out? >> no. no, we do this all the time. >> reporter: can i just test and see how hot it is on the court? >> sure. >> reporter: let's shoot the court. this is 133 degrees out here. and that's okay. at the baseball summer camp, coaches did their best to keep the young kids cool and hydrated, but still having fun in the blazing sun. >> kids are very resilient. these little kids, they like to play, and there are some times when it's too hot, and we'll say we're done and they don't want to stop. >> reporter: so how hot does it get out on the baseball field? you notice, there are no parents out here in the stands, because look at how hot it is sitting in these seats. on the field here at home plate,
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it gets even hotter. but the hottest area we found was here inside the dugout. check out how hot it is on this railing cover. unbelievable. mark brady with the prince george's county fire department says when heat indexes rise above 115 degrees, it can be dangerous for people of all ages. he says with the heat expected to get crampinged up tomorrow, parents should be concerned. >> in this type of heat, we recommend that if possible, just stay indoors, and in air conditioned environment. continue to drink plenty of water. water is the best type of beverage you can drink, followed up with an option of some type of sports drink. >> reporter: if you're worried about losing power with so many running air conditioners nonstop, pepco says it's ready to handle the summer overload. more technicians are out in the field, but pepco is asking customers to cut down on electricity when possible. >> set the thermostat, close
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your blinds, if you have a fan, run the fan. >> reporter: now to get an understanding how dangerous this heat can be, fire and ems says 1,000 people die every year, a majority are elderly. so if you have elderly neighbors or relatives, authorities say please check on them, place a call. because even if they have air conditioning, chances are they might not be using it to save some money in this heat. right now we are here live in prince george's county. i'm john schriffen. back to you in the studio. >> it's tough out there. thanks. now to a murder case that may also be a hate crime and possibly part of a disturbing trend across our nation. the victim, 23-year-old la-shea mclean she was shot and killed before dawn this morning in the 6100 block of dick street in northeast d.c. mclean is a transgender person. her killer may have had a problem with that. pat collins joins us live from northeast with the story. pat? >> reporter: dorene, the victim, transgender. the crime, murder. the motive, it may have been
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hate. we begin our story now with reaction from the transgender community. >> it's just awful. it's tragic, it's awful, and it's unfair. and, again, no one should lose their lives because of who they are. >> reporter: you think she was killed because she was transgender? >> yeah. yes, i do. yes. >> reporter: no doubt? >> no doubt, at all. >> reporter: the victim, 23-year-old la-shea mclean a transgender person. shot and killed in the dark hours of the morning on dick street northeast. police looking into the possibility it was a hate crime. hear now from mayor vincent gray. >> we know that hate crimes have been perpetrated on people who are transgender or people who may be gay or lesbian. we don't know that that's the case here. we're going to investigate it, fully, of course, and we'll investigate it from that perspective, as well. >> reporter: they say it
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happened over there by that tree. police tell the story this way. they say around 4:30 this morning, la-shea and another transgender were walking down dick street. they encountered two men. words are exchanged. one of the men pulls a gun, fires a shot, and la-shea mclean falls dead to the ground. >> it just hurts my heart. hurts me terrible. i don't know what i'm going to do without her. >> reporter: that's jason coleman. he was la-shea's boy friend. he says he planned to marry her. >> she was lovely, too. she was lovely. i wanted to marry this lady. marry her and everything. i wanted to be with her for the rest of my life. >> reporter: detectives in the neighborhood going door to door, looking for clues, checking security camera video, trying to collect evidence in this case. sources say this happened in an
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area of town where transgenders often meet up with men for dates. police say they have no evidence that la-shea had any prior contact with her killer. police are working that case, but so far, no suspect. no arrest. dorene, back to you. >> okay, pat collins reporting from northeast d.c. thank you, pat. there are a growing number of violent crimes across the nation targeting victims because of their sexual orientation. that's according to a new report from the national coalition of anti violence program. it found a 13% increase last year in crimes against people because of their perceived or actual sexual orientation. people who are hiv positive were also victimized. last year, 27 people were murdered. that's the second-highest total since the coalition began tracking such crimes. in 1996, of those killings, 70% were minorities, 44% were transgender women.
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the army psychiatrist charged in the ft. hood shooting rampage will be represented by military lawyers when he stands trial. during a court hearing today, major nidal hasan told the judge he selfered ties with his lead attorney. his case will be handled by three military lawyers in military court. the judge scheduled the trial to begin in march. hasan faces the death penalty in connection with the 2009 shootings at the texas army post. for the first time it appears that congress and the president may be getting close to a deal on raising the debt ceiling. the president met this afternoon with democratic leaders, then he invited house speaker john boehner and majority leader eric cantor to the white house. news4's steve handelsman is on capitol hill now with the new developments. steve? >> reporter: the reason is this new plan, jim. thanks, good evening. still a work in progress. but liberal democrats up here on capitol hill don't like it. the conservative tea party republicans here on the hill don't like it. and that in a nutshell is why a
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lot of big, moderate players in this town led by president obama do like this bipartisan scheme. with 13 days until possible default, all eyes are on the gang of six senators, three republicans and three democrats. they met today with house democrats. can they craft a deficit deal that can pass congress? lawmakers ask gang of six democrat kent conrad. >> how does this work? where is it headed? >> reporter: like the deficit commission, like president obama, the gang of six has a plan that's balanced. gang of six democrat dick durbin. >> it does it by putting everything on the table. everything. spending cuts, entitlement programs and revenue. >> reporter: $3 trillion in spending cuts, including cuts in medicare and the like. $1 trillion in tax hikes. but not on most americans. >> we're actually reducing tax rates, both on the individual side and the corporate side. >> reporter: that's a move to win over conservatives, like
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house gop leader eric cantor. >> and so i don't think that raising taxes, increasing tax rates, is the answer. certainly not in an economy like this. >> the bill is passed. >> reporter: house republicans rejected tax hikes last night and okayed a balanced budget amendment. >> what a sham! what a scam! >> reporter: senate democrats say tea party members in the house would bankrupt social programs or allow default to make a political point. >> so the debate and fight is not between democrats and republicans, it's between some republicans and their sort of cult friends. >> reporter: president obama called in republican leaders and democrats to get the gang of six plan on a fast track. getting such an enormous deal done in time to beat the august 2nd deadline might not be possible. so at the same time, they look at that plan for a possible vote later next month or september or october, if it works.
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if it passes, it would solve the big red ink problem maybe for a decade or more. while they work on that, there's still the short-term plan, jim, being discussed here on the hill to make sure we don't go into default. back to you. >> all right. steve handelsman. thank you. there's another issue the federal aviation administration could shut down by the end of the day on friday. that's because congress has been unable to agree on a long-term faa funding bill. aides from both the house and senate tell nbc news air traffic controllers and safety inspectors will not be subject to the shutdown. planes will fly and safety procedures will carry on, unbankrupted. among the changes, 4,000 of the faa's 32,000 workers would be furlougheded, and more could follow. airlines will no longer collect ticket taxes, and some nationwide airport construction projects could be put on hold. when we come back tonight on news4 at 6:00, a 5-year-old attacked by a shark at a popular vacation hot spot. a new person is in the hot seat in the british phone
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hacking scandal. it came down to a new vote, and now there's been a total reversal in the dulles metro rail project. there may be lingering trouble for drivers trying to dodge a water main break on a major route in maryland. coming up in sports, d.c. united trying to win for the first time at home in more than two months. what nfl players are saying about a new deal, plus the astros and nationals working astros and nationals working overand this is my cvs. carla,
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a 5-year-old girl is in critical condition after a shark attack at the cape hatteras national sea shore. it happened about 5:30 last night in the south point area of north carolina. the girl was on a boogie board in some shallow water with her parents when the shark attacked. authorities say she suffered injuries to her leg and foot. marine life experts say the prime shark feeding time is from dusk until dawn. some privacy concerns among air travelers could be allayed by new equipment that's being tested at three airports around the country, including national.
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it's a less invasive body imaging scanner, and as chris clackum reports, the transportation security administration is praising its performance so far. >> reporter: reagan national in washington is one of three airports where the tsa's new body imaging scanning systems is being tested. instead of an actual x-ray image of a passenger's body, the new system did he say plays a generic outline of ahuman and highlights only objects of a passenger. >> the best opportunity to detect what it provides, the best possible privacy opportunities that we have. >> reporter: the so-called underwear bomber case in detroit two years ago prompted the tsa to start using body scanners. but since their rollout at 78 airports last year, they came under fire, as did the tsa. critics said the process invaded privacy. however, the new system even eliminates the need for an agent to view images. it instead has a monitor posted
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at the scanner that flashes okay if no object is detected. which tsa administrator john pistol says all can see. >> the passenger can actually see their image and it's the same image as the previous passenger and the next passenger. so it's the same generic outline of a person. >> reporter: the unveiling comes less than a week after the tsa won an appeals court ruling that the need to detect hidden explosives outweighs the privacy rights of travelers. chris clackum, nbc news. doug is here with more details about our scorching-hot, dangerously hot weather. >> did you see that video there, people in the jackets? they're going someplace cool. they're all going to escape the heat. >> where might they be going? maybe we should all go there. >> northern canada is the place to go. it is going to be hot the next couple days, and not just hot. we're talking about temperatures above the century mark. and potentially three-day event. outside right now, very hot and
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very humid and extremely hazy. look at that haze across the area. any time you see an atmosphere like that around the washington, d.c. area, you know what we're talking about, the middle of summer, the middle of july. hazy, hot and humid, the three hs in full effect today. the high temperature around 93 degrees. low this morning of 77 degrees. we do have that excessive heat warning in effect through the day on friday. so it does include your day tomorrow, does include thursday, also includes friday, and probably extended into saturday, too. 92 degrees out there right now. dew point of 76. you walk outside, it is just stifling with the heat index of 104 out there receipt now. current temperatures around the region, 92 in martinsburg, 95 in leesburg, 93 in fredericksburg, 97 the hot spot in frederick and right now annapolis at 89 degrees. you add in the humidity, you get the heat index. and this is a number that we're going to be talking a lot about. what is the heat index? it's actually the way your skin feels to the air outside. so 113 is the way it feels in
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fredericksburg. it feels like 101 to your skin in leesburg. 99 in annapolis and 108 in eastton. and the temperatures and heat index could go up you over the next couple days, maybe to 110, 115, maybe even warmer. right around the metro area, rockville and montgomery county, around 106. 102 in prince george's county. college park, 105 and ft. belvoir in fairfax at 102 degrees. so we're seeing extremely warm day today. tack on about 5 to 10 degrees on the heat index, that's what we're going to be dealing with during the day tomorrow. we would love to see some rain out there, but we don't have any rain out there right now. and i don't think we're going to see any relief as far as rain is concerned through the day tomorrow or into the day on friday. friday, a little bit better chance to see some relief, but not much. 108 in indianapolis. 107 in st. louis. that's the heat index there. 106 in chicago. this is the air that's making its way towards our region. so yes, we're at 104 now, but
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hotter over the next couple days. we want to make sure you stay indoors if you can, drink plenty of water, make sure you check on the elderly, and, of course, bring pets inside. you want to make sure they are cool with you. heat is by far the nation's number one killer, and we want to make sure you stay safe. a few clouds this evening, quite warm, calm, humid. 85 to 91, winds are going to be on the light side tomorrow morning. expect light winds too. so a warm and humid atmosphere tomorrow. we'll start off in the mid to upper 70s, so we're not even going to get a whole lot of relief tomorrow morning, because the humidity will be so high. mostly sunny, very hot and humid with dangerous heat. 96 to 101 tomorrow, and i think we stay around that 100 degree mark through the day friday, into the day on saturday. i don't think we'll break any records there, but three days in a row of 100 degree temperatures, this only happened three days in our history here. so that would at least put us
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into the record books. 96 degrees on sunday. and it does look like things are going to calm down as we move into next week. temperatures a little bit closer to average, but still in the 90s. coming up on friday, we normally do our backyard weather and we still want you to submit your pictures to our this week we are going to be cancelling that backyard weather, though, as we do have that excessive heat warning in effect. >> and put out that fire on your barbecue grill. >> we should put it in some ice. we'll work on that. >> thank you, doug. coming up, the british hacking scandal takes a new turn. and we're revealing the real reason netflix has decided to raise its fees and what customers
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british prime minister david cameron apologized today for
6:25 pm
hiring someone connected to his country's phone hacking scandal. cameron told parliament he was, in his words, extremely sorry about his decision to hire former "news of the world" editor andy coulson as a spokesman. he left the paper in 2007 after one of his reporters was convicted of charges connected to illegal phone hacking. he has since been arrested in connection with the current investigation. cameron told parliament today that coulson assured him he was not aware of the hacking. the session comes one day after news corp. ceo rupert murdoch answered questions from a parliamentary committee. the video rental company netflix is now feeling the back lark of its plan to raise rates by 60%. the price hike applies to customers who get dvds in the mail and stream movies over the internet. mark barger has more on what's behind the hike and the backlash. >> reporter: unhappy netflix customers wasted little time
6:26 pm
venting online. >> you've got facebook, you have twitter, other social networking sites, so it's more than just people complaining around the water cooler. >> reporter: the company's announcement last week that the price for its combined dvd and streaming service would go from $9.99 a month to $15.98 in september sent social media ablaze. >> i think any time you take a service people are used to and raise the price more than a dollar or two, you make a significant increase, people are going to basically freak out. >> reporter: there's no way to know yet how many netflix customers may jump ship. but competitors such as amazon and blockbuster are giving a warm welcome to hose who do. >> whether it's movies from itunes or whether it's just those kiosk boxes you see in drugstores and supermarkets, i think there's a lot of opportunity now for people to come in at a lower cost and give you at least some of those services. >> reporter: netflix's price hike comes as the company is spend more to bolster the library of tv shows and movies it's allowed to stream. one analyst estimates the company's streaming cost could balloon from $180 million last
6:27 pm
year to $2 billion next year. but then cnet's dan ackerman says streaming is the future. >> just as people are downloading music instead of going to the score and buying cls, people are going to be downloading and streaming more movies on a going forward basis rather than getting physical disks. >> reporter: netflix is hoping that future keeps customers streaming to its services and not away from them. mark barger, nbc news. >> coming up, new speed cameras are coming to maryland. but there's some controversy over who will be running them. >> one person who can hand out a gun license in the district finally has a place to set up shop. water main break repairs hit a big snag along a major route in maryland. and we're hours away from a touchdown that will close out the space shuttle program for nasa. live to the kennedy space center as the clock ticks down. coming up in sports, nationals' outfielder jayson werth busts out of a slump big-time in houston. and nfl players reviewing the deal that could mean an end
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a transgender person was murdered in northeast washington early this morning. police are calling it a possible hate crime. 23-year-old lashay mclean was found shot to death on dick street. witnesses say they heard shouting before the shooting. after weeks of talks, it appears a deal to resolve the debt limit crisis may have some chance of success. president obama is meeting with top republican leaders at the white house. earlier today he met with democratic leaders. the transportation security administration is showing off new body imaging scanners at three airports around the country, including reagan national. instead of actual x-ray images, the machines use only a generic body outline. the agency has been under fire over passenger privacy concerns. in a move to cut costs, the
6:32 pm
metropolitan washington airport's authority board reversed a decision today to build an underground metro station at dulles. >> instead, they voted 11-1 in favor of constructing one above ground. jane watrel reports. >> reporter: a metro train pulls out of reagan national airport on a day that the stage is set for washington's other airport to get rail service. >> all those in favor, signify by raising your right hand. >> reporter: an about-face for the metropolitan washington airport's authority. after the dulles metro extension plan was almost derailed over costs. instead of a controversial underground metro station at the airport, board members reversed themselves. for the less expensive, above-ground station. >> there is no plan b. it would have killed the project. it doesn't mean it was the wrong place at the airport, but if your funding partners don't agree, it's not financeable. >> reporter: the move knocks $1 billion off the project, satisfying county supervisors in
6:33 pm
loudoun and fairfax counties, who voiced concern about passing escalating costs on to taxpayers. transportation secretary ray lahood had even stepped in to broker a deal, sending representatives to do some arm-twisting. >> we are here at this table in part because we're in a period of new austerity at all levels of government, federal, state and local. >> reporter: there are provisions. the state of virginia needs to kick in an additional $150 million for the project. fairfax and loudoun will pay for the metro parking garages in their respective counties. and fairfax county will be responsible for the route 28 metro station. commuters are -- [ no audio ] >> well, it looks like we've got a technical problem with that report. an early-morning water main break in montgomery county created a messy commute this morning, and crews are still working to patch things up. the break was found at shorefield and georgia avenues in wheatton.
6:34 pm
4 million gallons of rushing water buckled roadways and caused flood damage. southbound georgia avenue will remain closed for tomorrow morning's rush hour. those new controversy over speed cameras about to go up in prince george's county. the "washington times" reports the company that provides them is under scrutiny over the accuracy of the devices. and they say they're often set up in places that will catch the most speeders without necessarily improving pedestrian safety. officials say there will be a 30-day period of warnings. after that, tickets are going to cost $40. the d.c. government found a way to comply with a supreme court ruling that requires the city to allow handgun sales. the only licensed operator will set up shop in police headquarters downtown. tom sherwood reports. >> reporter: the supreme court struck down the city's decades-old handgun law, saying the u.s. constitution allows handguns in the home. mayor vincent gray is
6:35 pm
reluctantly trying to make sure a licensed gun dealer is in place, but few city officials are happy about that ruling. >> i'm not sure what the demand should be. for me, one is too many. but that's my own personal view on this. >> reporter: only about 1,200 guns have been licensed in the city since the court ruling, in part because the only person with a federal license to transfer guns has had no commercial shop since losing his lease. the city has now decided to allow the lone dealer to set up shop in the tight security offices of police headquarters, where guns have to be registered anyway. >> it maex makes sense to us to locate close to the police headquarters on indiana avenue, where anyone purchasing a firearm must come anyway to register their guns. >> reporter: having a licensed gun dealer in the police headquarters is kind of ironic because of who this building is named after. the headquarters is named after sergeant henry j. dally, who was killed in november of 1994 when
6:36 pm
an intruder in the headquarters opened fire, killing daly and two fbi agents. the intruder shot himself. wtop radio was told the dealer will move into headquarters in about three weeks, but officials say the office will not be like a retail gun store where customers will browse and buy. >> no, there won't be any exchange like a regular commercial establishment where you go in and purchase. the individual may be able to pick the gun up right there, and it consolidates all of the functions in one location. >> reporter: tom sherwood, news4, washington. still ahead tonight on news4 at 6:00. >> a couple of brave dogs that are taking on sharks in the ocean. ocean. and first
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and welcome back, everybody. a very hot day out there today. it's only going to lead to hotter temperatures the next couple days. dangerous heat beginning to make its way into the area. right now, 92 degrees but a dew point of 76 and humidity near 60% gives us a heat index of 104. that is a very warm heat index, and we're going to continue to see warm temperatures tomorrow. this is the forecasted temperatures tomorrow afternoon.
6:40 pm
100 in washington, 98 in manassas and 99 in leesburg. that's not the heat index. heat index could be between 105 and 110. that's why we have that excessive heat warning in effect. here's the forecast over the next couple days. i don't think we'll set any records. the record tomorrow is 104. record on friday is 103. but i think we'll be around 101 degrees. sunday will be around 96, but the record is 101, set back last year in 2010. now, dorene, you mentioned a little while ago, yesterday, what can we show people? there you go. >> yes. >> cold air. this is a picture from hagerstown from one of our storms from last year, so just take that in with you and just think about that any time you're just on the hot side. >> okay. we'll try to hold that image in the top of our minds so we can refer back to it. we're going to need it in the next few days. thank you for that, doug. >> brrr. several grocery store chains have agreed to open more stores to make healthy, affordable food available. and more communities across the country.
6:41 pm
it's part of the effort spearheaded by first lady michelle obama to combat childhood obesity. >> if a parent wants to pack a piece of fruit in a child's lunch, if a parent wants to add some lettuce for a salad at dinner, they shouldn't have to take three city buses or pay some expensive taxi to go to another community to make that possible. >> the white house says several national and local retailers, including walmart and walgreens have joined the effort. they have agreed to
6:42 pm
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6:44 pm
take a look at a new picture of a newly discovered moon found orbiting around pluto. the picture was taken by the hubble telescope.
6:45 pm
right now, the moon is named simply p-4. that's because it's the fourth moon known to be around the dwarf planet. it's also the smallest with an estimated diameter of 21 miles. pluto's largest moon is nearly 650 miles around. nasa's new horizons mission is scheduled to fly close to pluto and its moons around 2015. tonight we are just hours away from the end of an era. nasa's shuttle "atlantis" lands tomorrow morning for its final flight in 30 years. jay gray has more from the kennedy space center in florida. >> reporter: it is a place and job defined by numbers and timing. >> 2, 1, 0. and liftoff! >> reporter: and in just hours, for the first time in 30 years, the most significant number at nasa will be zero. >> so the crew is continuing to get "atlantis" ready for tomorrow's landing. >> reporter: on what is likely the final day in orbit, nasa
6:46 pm
prepares not just for the end of a mission. >> the crew is beginning to stow away the -- stow away the laptops on boards, the computers. >> reporter: but the close of an amazing era in space exploration. >> the space shuttle has been with us, the heart and soul of the human space flight program for 30 years and it's sad to see it go away. >> reporter: it's an emotion shared by the support team on the ground. >> they have a lot to be proud of in terms of the many accomplishments. >> reporter: construction of the international space station, launch and repair of the hubble telescope, support missions and so many experiments, stretching the bounds of our abilities and knowledge. >> we know that it is leading an incredible lasting legacy. and of that, we are just extraordinarily proud. >> reporter: but that pride is now tempered by the reality that it's all coming to an end. >> it's going to be tough. it's going to be an emotional moment for a lot of people who have dedicated their lives to the shuttle program for 30 years. >> reporter: and for those who have watched in awe.
6:47 pm
the landing will provide one final glimpse of history, take a look good at it because you're never going to see it again. it's been an incredible ride. >> an amazing ride that will likely come to a stop on runway 15, just before dawn tomorrow morning. live at kennedy space center, i'm jay gray. jim, dorene, back to you. >> sad day, but a big proud moment too. thanks so much. coming up, carmageddon celebration. we'll tell you about an unusual dinner party. and for all your news, be sure to follow
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6:50 pm
well on a night like this, this is when you can tell who is a real soccer fan and not, i guess. hakem dermish is down at rfk where the d.c. united is getting ready to play. hi, hakem. >> hello, dorene and jim.
6:51 pm
a beautiful night for soccer, a little steamy down here. hot, but should be fun. d.c. united taking on last-place new england and essentially a must-win. first we start with the nfl. day 127 of the lockout. the players were hoping to have a deal to lookot today, but the final documents were not ready, unfortunately. and here in washington, player representatives from each of the 32 nfl teams, including redskins' vonnie holliday here in the blue shirt working on the final details of the agreement. they could vote tomorrow for the deal to be approved, at least 24 of the owners would need to okay the deal. and while everyone would love to have a deal done this week, an agreement ready to go, nfl players' association president kevin moua says the group will not be hasty. >> the players are not in a rush, not tied to a time line of july 21st. our time line is the best deal for our players. so whether that's today or tomorrow or whatever it may be,
6:52 pm
we want to play football, we want to go back to work, but we're not going to agree to any deal unless it's the right deal for all of the players. >> that's kevin malie, the nfl players' president and if a deal is done tomorrow, plaers could arrive at team facilities friday. nats fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting for jayson werth to provides. and finally today hit a home run. and get this, the scoreboard staff in houston was so surprised, they gave credit to michael morse. we're at minute maid park for this one. and we start in the bottom of the second inning here. down 1-0. la-von hernandez facing quintero with a man on. and quintero rips it into left field, into the corner. clint barnbus and the astros take a 2-0 lead. we move to the top of the sixth. same score. jayson werth at the plate with a runner on base facing brett
6:53 pm
myers, his former teammate. and thank you very much. drives one to left, two-run homer, his first homer in 105 at-bats. game tied at 2. we go to extra. so bottom of 11, runners on the corner, michaels right back up the middle. quintero scores and that's it. 3-2. the worst team in baseball. here is manager davy johnson with reaction. >> they pitched good against us. all their players did a pretty good job. their bull pen didn't give up a whole lot. so good news, jayson werth started spins the bat pretty good, but the rest of the bats were quiet. it was a good series. we're coming along, but it was -- you know, i wanted to win two out of three here for sure. >> nats have the day off tomorrow, they play the dodgers friday.
6:54 pm
in baltimore, kids' day, orioles wrapping up their series with the red sox. bottom two, andrew miller. craig tatum at the plate, grounds one to second. check out marco with the jump. throws to first to complete the double play. the orioles left seven men on base, had just two hits in the game. top three, no score. jake airieta, a solo home run for ellsbury. boston, 4-0. of the os have the day off tomorrow, and begin a series at home against the angels on friday. all right. here at rfk tonight, d.c. united taking on last-place new england, a perfect opportunity to earn three points and move up you in the standings. united, though, has kind of yet to achieve consistency this season. they have just one win in their last seven games. and even more frustrating for the black and red, their last home win was back on may 4th against seattle. entering tonight's game, united tied for fifth place in the
6:55 pm
eastern conference standings with a 5-5-8 record, including a tie this weekend against dallas, and coach ben olson says he understands fans do not want to see ties, but he knows his team needs to step up. >> going away in dallas at 100 degrees and getting a tie is a fair result. it's good for us. it's good for our young team. and, yeah, the league has to do something about it, though. people do not want to see ties, regardless. but, you know, i think summer is a very tough grind. we've played some good stuff, had the lead. we're just giving up late. we have to continue to play solid after we have the lead and not sit back in the shell, because it's a recipe for disaster. >> ben olson at d.c. united taking on last-place new england tonight. wnba tonight, the mystics had a record victory sound rallying when they were down 24 points against los angeles and then came back and won. really an amazing comeback for the mystics. today at home taking on the
6:56 pm
atlanta dream this afternoon. and former maryland terp lang horn elected to her second wnba all-star team. congratulations to her. mystics up 5, passing inside to la langmorning, went for a team-high 24 points and 10 rebounds. she is a talented woman. tied at 63, atlanta with the ball, angel mccot tree, also a talented young woman, strong to the bucket. up and in. she had a game-high 33 points. the mystics lose 86-79 and fall to 3 and 11 on the season. tonight here at rfk stadium, d.c. united taking on the new england revolution. d.c. united only one win in their last seven games. would love to move up in the standings as rightow they're tied for fifth place in the eastern conference. dorene and jim, back to you. >> all right. try to keep cool out there, hakem. >> alrighty. a group of friends used last
6:57 pm
weekend's carmageddon for a dinner party. they snuck on to the freeway with a table, chairs, table cloth, the woman in this picture said the guys actually brought food, but she was too nervous to let them take it out. a nearby state trooper didn't see them. but a construction crew took notice. instead of scolding them, though, they asked if they had any eggs benedict. >> looks like they had time to get out the cocktails. >> yeah. >> the food all packed up. that would be fun to do. >> what about grey poupon? >> a car is involved with that, right? need a limo for the grey poupon. so what's the good word? >> the good word is that, you know, come six months from now, we'll all be going -- it was hot. remember how hot -- >> distant memory. >> where is the picture? >> that was in hagerstown. we'll show it again. out there now, a hazy, hot and humid atmosphere. look at that, it looks like
6:58 pm
there's cloud cover but not too many clouds in the sky. that is sunshine going through that haze across the area. 91 right now, heat index, though, still at 103 degrees at 7:00 at night. highs tomorrow around that 100 degree mark. 100 in washington, 101 in gaithersburg, 101 in frederick and into virginia. the river coming in at 98 degrees. heat index tomorrow close to 110. that's why we have that excessive heat warning. now, we are forecasting temperatures above 100 degrees. but look at the records. 104 tomorrow, 103 on friday and 101 saturday. so i don't think we're going to set records over the next couple of days. sunday, 96 degrees, the forecast. the actual record was set last year on that date of 101. remember last year, a very hot winter -- or very hot summer. here's winter. see, it's got me thinking. they heard you yesterday, dorene, we talked about it, you want some cool pictures. >> yes. >> they sent in some very cold pictures and send in some more.
6:59 pm
i'll use these the next couple days. why not? let's give everybody a little cooldown, at least mentally, because we're not going to get it physically. 100 thursday, 101 friday, 100 on saturdays. there will be a chance of a shower late friday, but a better chance saturday and sunday, as temperatures hover around that 100-degree mark. >> icicles hanging. just take a few of those and drop them right down your clothing. that would be pretty nice, wouldn't it? thank you, doug. >> thank you, doug. one of the latest videos to go viral was shot by a fellow on a beach in australia. check this out. he was watching two dogs in the water. they were swimming very close to sharks. the sharks are swimming just beneath the surface and are closer into shore than the dogs. people at the beach say the dogs swim with the sharks all of the time, and even try to herd them. eventually, the sharks just swam away. they are a protected species in australia, despite the country's huge coastline, attacks on humans are said to be rare.


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